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DTrace Insanity at JavaOne

June 17, 2005

Something kind of crazy is going on. I got a call from Chris; “Check out what we’re going to do at JavaOne,” he said. Here’s the deal: come to JavaOne, bring your Java application (on a usb device or CD or whatever), and we’ll[1] improve your application using DTrace. Or you get a free tchotchke — possibly one of several iPods. Usually you only see this kind of offer at furniture stores, and there’s some catch, but this is the real deal: either your application goes faster because of our clever DTrace trickery or you’re up some whizzy gadget. I was dubious until I saw the official announcement.

On the subject of JavaOne, this seems as good a time as any to plug the session I’m giving on Thursday at 1:15pm in Room 121/122 (TS-5211). I’ll be talking about the same technology we’re (apparently) going to be using on your application.

See you at JavaOne; bring your app.

[1] For some value of the term we — I’m guessing I am going to be party to this insanity…

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