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Month: February 2005

With all the FUD coming out of Red Hat, I thought the online rags would fall all over themselves to call shotgun on the anti-Solaris bandwagon. But LinuxInsider seems to have planted their flag on rational reporting:

Stacey Quandt, Open Source Practice Leader for the Robert Frances Group, agreed. “Although many organizations continue to migrate Solaris workloads from UltraSPARC to Linux on x86 and other platforms, the latest version of Red Hat does not eliminate the need for Solaris in the enterprise,” she said.

“The performance characteristics of Solaris on AMD Opteron licensing of Solaris widens the choice of open-source operating systems on commodity hardware,” Quandt told LinuxInsider.

Did you catch that? Not only is Solaris a performance leader, but it’s an open source operating system.

But not so fast! In another FUD barrage, it turns out there are too many OSI-approved licenses — guess what newly opened sourced operating system is using one of the apparently extraneous licenses. Kudos to slashdot for transmogrifying the title “OSI Urged To Reform Open-Source Licensing” to “OSI Hopes To Decrease Number of Licenses” — turns out a change in voice can have a radical change in meaning…

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