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Month: November 2005

The good folks over at LugRadio (that LUG; not the other LUG of course) invited me on their show to answer some of their questions about OpenSolaris. You can find it in the latest episode. Check your volume before you start playing the episode: the first reference to masturbation is approximately 6 seconds in.

Understandably, the LugRadio guys didn’t have much exposure to OpenSolaris, but they were certainly interested and recognize that it represents a pretty exciting development in the world of open source. Mostly I addressed some of the differences between Solaris and Linux. They seemed quite keen on Nexenta and I recommend that Solaris and Debian users alike try it out. There’s one small correction I’d like to make regarding my comments on the show: I erroneously claimed that Solaris 7 — the first version of Solaris to support 64-bit processors — came out in 1996. In fact, Solaris 7 came out in November of 1998 (64-bit support having been first integrated in October of 1997). That cuts our 64-bit experience to 7 or 8 years from the 10 that I claimed.

On a vaguely related note, I’ll be in London speaking at the OpenSolaris user group meeting on 12/19/2005. That’s after a tromp accross Europe which includes a DTrace cum Java talk and an OpenSolaris BoF at JavaPolis in Belgium.

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