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Month: March 2005

Network World Fusion has an article comparing Solaris 10 to Red Hat Enterprise Linux 4.0 (the self-proclaimed Solaris killer. The sweetest part of this article is the graph showing relative performance numbers. Solaris gets beat in 32-bit mode, but edges out Linux in 64-bit mode on identical hardware. AND, we’ve got a bunch more x86-64 performance through the pipeline. This benchmark is just in one very specific area of the system, but it’s exciting nonetheless.

In the kernel group, we occasionally give presentations on interesting work we’ve been doing. Last week, I gave a talk on the implementation the DTrace pid provider, and — in the spirit of community that the OpenSolaris project has engendered — I’m posting it on my blog:

click to go to the presentation

In this presentation I go into the many details of the general technique for arbitrary instruction instrumentation, the implementation on SPARC, x86 and amd64 as well as the many pitfalls, caveats, tricks, and solutions. While I wouldn’t say I go into excruciating details, it’s probably falls just short. If you’re interested at all in instrumentation or want to know more about the pid provider or are just a super nerd who enjoys reading about cool, low-level hackery, it’s probably worth a read.

I’ve tried to augment it with some helpful commentary, but if something’s confusing, vague or seems wrong, please let me know.

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