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Welcome Matt Amdur

October 12, 2011

It’s my pleasure to welcome Matt Amdur to Delphix, to the world of DTrace, and — just today — to the blogosphere. Matt joined Delphix about two months after 10 years of software engineering, most recently at VMware. Matt and I met in at Brown University in 1997 where we worked together closely for all four years. We’ve had in the back of our minds that our professional lives would converge at some point; I couldn’t be happier to have my good friend onboard.

Matt’s first blog post is a great war story, describing his first use of DTrace on a customer system. It was vindicating to witness first hand, both in how productive an industry vet could be with DTrace after a short period, and in what a great hire Matt was for Delphix. Working with him has been evocative of our collaboration in college — while making all the more apparent the significant distance we’ve both come. Welcome, Matt!

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