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Joining Delphix

August 24, 2010

As I wrote about last time, I’ve left Oracle. What I was looking for in my next gig was technology that excites me, excellent management, and a chance to build something significant and successful. I’m confident that I’ve found those things with Delphix.

In the established database market, Delphix creates a virtualization layer that simplifies the management of data and reduces duplication and waste. Why’s that interesting? The most important data is in databases, so building a layer between data and storage is incredibly powerful. The software to achieve that can then grow in a variety of directions, from data analysis and tuning, optimization at the level of the operating system and file system, to integration up the stack. The notion of storage virtualization is popular albeit vague one. Delphix brings both a concrete definition and value as well as a unique, application-centric focus.

Delphix builds on top of OpenSolaris which was, of course, another compelling reason for me to join. The Solaris group constructed a platform unique in its facilities for developers and in its comprehensive manageability. As I looked at various prospective employers I came to an even better appreciation of how tough it would be to work in an environment without DTrace, and mdb, and pstack, and libumem, and SMF, and FMA, etc. etc. Of course now Oracle has withdrawn support for OpenSolaris, but we won’t be going it alone (stay tuned for more on that).

It’s that combination of technology that’s interesting both at a high level and in the details, a management team that’s experienced and hungry,  innovation in a market where we can have a lasting impact, and an initial product that proves the potential yet with many hard problems still left to solve. But it’s the people who build a company; Delphix both has a great team and a commitment to assembling talent second to none. I’m excited to get started (… after a couple of weeks of much needed decompression).

6 Responses

    1. In a way, OpenSolaris is definitely dead. But Illumos means that the code of OpenSolaris will continue. As I wrote, stay tuned.

  1. Great move… Just expect Oracle to buy them within a few years. Oracle buys all the emerging database software companies.

    I’m hoping they *don’t* become “patent” trolls for anyone that uses “OpenSolaris” code to start new businesses. Unless they have deep pockets it’s probably not worth the negative PR. One can only hope.

    1. I suppose being bought by Oracle wouldn’t be the worst thing… I mean at least it would be familiar. And regarding patents, the CDDL explicitly grants a patent license for those using the code.

      1. It’s good to see the CDDL extends protections to companies that leverage OpenSolaris code.

  2. Well good luck for your new interesting assignment . I hope and wish OpenSolaris stays with the community .

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