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DTrace "Scobleized"

July 5, 2007

Robert Scoble was kind enough to interview us last week for the ScobleShow. Robert pretty much let us riff continuously for half an hour — we clearly haven’t been getting to talk about DTrace enough lately. I thought he would trim it down a bit, but like a scene from Hard Boiled, it’s all there.

This picture captures my favorite moment (around 16:23) during the interview as the three of us try to formulate a connection between DTrace and green computing…

… and this is as good a time as any to plug the talk Brendan and I will be giving at the end of the month at OSCON. We’ll be talk about how team DTrace was able to solve some nasty Ruby scalability problems at Twitter; it’s in the Ruby track, but the principles apply for analysis of performance problems in all languages.

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