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DTrace spotting

August 1, 2004

This evening I was waiting for my bags in SFO (having tacked on an ultimate frisbee tournament in Portland after attending OSCON) when I noticed someone eyeing me suspiciously. “You work on DTrace, right? I was at your BOF the other night; DTrace looks great!” I had assumed he was glaring because another player had opened my lip with his elbow, and I was unshowered from the day’s games — I was pleasantly surprised he had identified me as one of the DTrace three. His buddy who hadn’t been at the BOF lit up, “DTrace looks really cool” (he then asked if he could touch me). These guys were both very enthused about DTrace, and while I was planning to explain away my fat lip as the trophy from a barroom brawl over DTrace v. DProbes, they seemed too pleased to be talking about DTrace to bring it up. I’ve been thinking a bunch about what we need to do to build a community around DTrace and Solaris — this made me think we’re doing something right.

In unrelated news, a few more Solaris kernel engineers are on b.s.c; check these out: Liane Praza, Dan Price, Dilpreet Bindra, Andrei “Dr. Dre” Dorofeev

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