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off to the Open Source Convention…

July 27, 2004

This afternoon, I’m leaving for OSCON (easily confused with the bi-mon-sci-fi-con). Here in Solaris Kernel Development we’ve been talking a bunch about the impending open sourcing of Solaris and what that’s going to look like. I’m very excited about OpenSolaris itself, and I’m looking forward to talking to folks at OSCON to hear what they think.

The part they’re going to find most surprising is that this is for real. Within a year or two, there are going to be people from outside of Sun contributing to Solaris. Period. It’s going to be a little scary, but I’m excited about the possibilities of what this might mean for Solaris (my dream of Solaris on my PowerBook might even come true).

We’re holding a BOF session on Thursday at 9pm. So come by if you want to talk to Andy, Eric, Bart or me about the cool stuff in Solaris 10 or about open sourcing Solaris. Stay for the free (as in beer) beer.

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